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Primitive Folk Art Brick Red and English Mustard Parcheesi board by C. Jerred
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Infantry Rifle Platoon And Squad, FM 7-8, Military Manual
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This manual provides doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures on
how infantry rifle platoons and squads fight. Infantry rifle platoons and
squads include infantry, airborne, air assault, ranger, and light infantry
platoons and squads. This manual supersedes FM 7-8, Infantry Platoon
and Squad dated April 1981, as well as FM 7-70, The Light In fantry
platoon and Squad dated September 1986, and is aligned with the Army’s AirLand Battle doctrine.

The primary audiences for this manual are the infantry rifle platoon
leader platoon sergeant, and squad and fire team leaders; instructors in
TRADOC schools; and writers of infantry [raining literature. Secondary
audiences include other infantry leaders and staff officers, service schools, and ROTC and military academy instructors.

This manual is organized with separate chapters covering doctrine,
tactics, techniques and procedures, and includes a tactical standing operating procedure. This manual is designed to fit in the cargo pocket of the eader's Battle Dress Uniform. It should be used in the field as a guide to training and combat operations. It is written with a heavy bias toward the tactics, techniques, and procedures that make in fantry soldiers successful in battle. Leaders must use the tactics, techniques, and procedures, but they must not lose sight of the simple doctrinal principles outlined in Chapter 1, Doctrine. Additionally, infantry leaders should usc this manual in developing an estimate of the situation and an analysis of mission, enemy, terrain, and troops and time available. This analysis leads to an effective plan and to successful execution of the assigned mission.


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