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PRIMITIVE Country Folk Art Hanging Thats Ms. Crazy Cat Lady To You Sign 9
Location: Round Rock, TX, USA
Brand/Style: Crazy Antiques Antique Cat
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PBK Wooden 5 x 5 BOX SIGN One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady
Location: Kalispell, MT, USA
Brand/Style: Crazy Antiques Antique Cat
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Crazy Cat Lady: A Magnetic Sculpture Kit
Location: Amazon Warehouse
Brand/Style: Crazy Antiques Antique Cat
List Price: $6.95
Part#: 30343
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Crazy Antiques Antique Cat Details

The Crazy Cat Lady is an icon in America. Is she an heiress who lost her fortune and has no job skills? A divorcee who didn’t have a good lawyer? Or an angel sent by St. Francis to care for the animals? She wanders around oblivious to her own needs and, like a cattle rustler, has corralled a herd of critters in her house, her yard, her baby buggy. This kit celebrates that brand of kindhearted, single-minded devotion with a magnetic Crazy Cat Lady figure and 12 metal cats that will jump on her the first chance they get. A great gift for lovers of cats, quirkiness, or for that girlfriend who fears she’s just one bad breakup away from being a Crazy Cat Lady herself.


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