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Old Glass and How To Collect It: An introduction to antique glassware
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Antique/Vintage silver plate2 crystal perfume bottles with silver lids and silv
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Brand/Style: Glass Plates Crystal Bottle
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Originally published in 1916, Old Glass And How To Collect It is an easy to understand pocket guide to the fascinating and beautiful world of antique glassware. Styles including Early English, Bristol and Nailsea and Irish glass are described and illustrated, whilst J Sydney Lewis offers advice for the novice glass collector drawn from his extensive experience in the antiques trade. Packed with expert knowledge and many amusing and insightful anecdotes, Old Glass And How To Collect It is essential reading for anyone considering glass collecting as a hobby, or for those with an interest in design, art history or engraving. It offers a window onto an era of breathtaking craftsmanship, one where everyday objects became works of art.