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15 Pc TURKISH ANTIQUES LOT- Copper Tray/Bucket/Ladle Shoes/SaddleBag/Rug TURKEY
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Oriental Rug Symbols: Their Origins and Meanings from the Middle East to China
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The Eastern Carpet and its Effect on the West
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Middle Eastern Antiques Antique Turkish Rug Details

A reprint of this volume, fourth in the Oriental Rugs series, serves as an introduction to the range of carpets and rugs from Turkey. The history of the region and the art of carpet weaving and knotting are explained and the various types and styles of rug produced are traced by means of the traditions and differing techniques found throughout the Anatolian peninsula. Turkey lies in a geographical position of some importance, separating as it does the Eastern and Westem cultures. Despite the proximity of the Persian influence, Turkish rug makers largely retained their own traditional motifs. The main text leads into a full colour pictorial catalogue illustrating rugs from the numerous towns and villages throughout Anatolia. Comprehensive and detailed captions describe some 225 examples, ranging from antique and very rare museum exhibits right through to good quality modem pieces which are readily available today. This comprehensive book provides definitive coverage of the rugs and carpets of Turkey. It should be a useful volume for lovers of fine carpets and should appeal to the expert as well as the inexperienced beginner.

Oriental carpets, from Turkey and Persia in the Middle East to China in the Far East, are amazingly rich in symbolism. This fascinating book will delight and enligh ten everyone who enjoys oriental carpets '

The east played an important in demand for carpets in the western world. A demand that has over centuries has shaped and moulded the production of carpets including the methods, design, style and size of our carpets. This eBook gives a glimpse into the eastern carpet and its effect on the western world.

Eastern carpet production and trading networks to the west played an important role creating demand for carpets from the east. The beauty and sophistication of the Eastern carpet with the uniqueness of the colours that time has on the colours which affects the blend, whether large or small, is appreciated throughout the Western world today and will no doubt remain so in centuries to come. Antique Eastern rugs fetch vast sums of money at auction and prices have remained strong therefore buying an genuine eastern carpet for the home today may be costly but over time is likely to increase in value if looked after.


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